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Skill Development Programme

Project Kushal : A pledge for the upliftment of the construction labourers

Kushal is a partnership project between CREDAI Pune and the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to upgrade skills of construction workers in Pune city. And now CREDAI Bengal has tied hands with Project Kushal to implement this unique on-site training to the construction workers to empower them both socially and economically. Project Kushal and CREDAI Bengal have entered into a partnership to improve the skills of the construction workforce by training the existing unskilled/semi-skilled workers in the 6 trades of bar-bending, shuttering, masonry, tiling, plumbing and painting. The pilot project will soon be rolled out in Kolkata.

Shortage of construction labour had created a tremendous influx of under-qualified / un- skilled workers into the industry. Moreover, absence of formal training system had resulted in workers taking a long time to acquire skills, which in turn had kept their wages at a menial low. This had also adversely affected the industry by way of sub-standard quality, material wastage, cost increase, inability to meet time deadlines and unhappy customers.

Through project Kushal, a serious attempt has been made to empower construction workers to hone their existing skills on to a higher level and thus help them command higher wages. This beside, efforts through Kushal also helps the construction industry to have in required number the skilled workers resulting in better construction quality and reduced on-site material wastages

The mission of Kushal is ‘to effectively train and enhance skills of 100,000 construction workers over a period of 10 years.

Kushal works on the following objectives:

To train 20,000 construction workers in Pune city, over a period of 3 years, with the aim of improving their quality, productivity of work and soft skills, resulting in higher wages and better lifestyle.

To impart on the job training at construction sites through a professional team comprising of experienced Trainers, Master trainers, and Industry and domain experts.

To form a career path for construction workers by upgrading their skills, approach, and knowledge base.

To improve quality of construction and reduce wastage of materialat the developers’ sites.

Kushal offers skill enhancement programs in the following construction industry related trades: Bar-bending, Masonry, Painting, Plumbing, Shuttering and Tiling.