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Earthquake : CREDAI Bengal Opines

Earthquake : CREDAI Bengal Opines Earthquake : CREDAI Bengal Opines The recent earthquakes in Nepal and the aftershocks have made people shaky aboutliving in high rises... What is CREDAI Bengal's view... Are there guidelines which members adhere to for building earthquake-resistant buildings... Opines Sushil Mohta, President, CREDAI Bengal

As the apex body of the real estate industry, we at CREDAI Bengal encourage the developer-members to take all necessary steps to make sure that the structural strength of the high-rises they are developing can withstand an earthquake. We ensure that project designs are vetted and approved by qualified structural engineers in addition to the architects to augment the safety norms that are mandatory.

In India, buildings are designed according to the National Building Code (NBC) and the Universal Building Code 97 (UBC 97) which most of the overseas structural engineers follow, which are based on assessments done on the ground movement force.

While designing a structure, Kolkata is considered to fall under Seismic Zone III as per NBC. Herein I am listing below the various zones for your reference:

Zone I - Not active (No place in INDIA)

Zone II - Least active almost 70% of INDIAN territory

Zone III - Moderately active (Kolkata, parts of Bihar, UP, Jharkhand, MP, Gujarat)

Zone IV - High (sub-Himalayan areas, Delhi, parts of Gujarat, Sunderban delta etc)

Zone V - Highest (North East India, Uttarakhand, Srinagar,parts of Gujarat)

So far as the guide line for construction of earthquake resistant building is concerned, it is already in place through NBC and almost every developer is following it. Structural Engineers ensure to incorporate measures to check adherence of the same. Our members are also governed by a compliance which makes the structural consultants appointed by the developer, to mandatorily visit the high-rise project site regularly and monitor and supervise the construction process that is executed by qualified engineers. The developers are also guided by stern approval mechanisms which also provide a check to any sub-standard safety mechanism, if being followed.

We at CREDAI Bengal are planning to organize workshops and brain storming sessions involving structural engineers, builders, architects, professors from engineering colleges. Here we will conduct a brain-storming session considering the current scenario due to the earthquake in Nepal and seek a way forward. Post-earthquake, most of the builders who are members of CREDAI Bengal have already undertaken surveys in their buildings and so far no serious damage has been reported.

Grievance Redressal Cell

There is an inescapable need for establishing an improved connect between the developers’ / builders’ community and the buyers/purchasers at large, so as to build an environment of mutual trust and confidence between the two. This would no doubt go a long way in enhancing the dignity of real estate sector operation and its social acceptability. Among the various initiatives towards that, effectively addressing the grievances of purchasers/buyers is an important one. CREDAI Bengal is most suited to do whatever is feasible in this arena.

You may be aware that one of our fellow CREDAI developers, Shri Suraj Parmar of Cosmos Group Thane ended his life on October 7, 2015 after giving up his struggle against a corrupt and inefficient bureaucracy in his zone of work in Maharashtra.There is an inescapable need for establishing an improved connect between the developers’ / builders’ community and the buyers/purchasers at large, so as to build an environment of mutual trust and confidence between the two. This would no doubt go a long way in enhancing the dignity of real estate sector operation and its social acceptability. Among the various initiatives towards that, effectively addressing the grievances of purchasers/buyers is an important one. CREDAI Bengal is most suited to do whatever is feasible in this arena.

“There shall be a Mediation Committee of Credai Bengal to address complaints grievances or dispute of purchasers against developer members. The Mediation Committee shall not entertain or continue with any matter or issue which is sub judice or pending before any Court, consumer forum, arbitrator or other judicial or quasi judicial body/authority. The Mediation Committee shall wherever possible make efforts to resolve the matter by encouraging an amicable settlement between the parties. If however, such settlement is not made, the Mediation Committee shall express its view on the subject matter. Each member of Credai Bengal shall irrevocably and unconditionally agree to abide by and comply with the views of the Mediation Committee in respect of any complaint, grievance or dispute referred to the Mediation Committee regarding all the projects undertaken by the Member and/or other Group Companies. Non-compliance shall be deemed to be a violation of this Code of Conduct and action may be taken against such member including suspension and expulsion. The detailed guidelines and/or procedure relating to the Mediation Committee and its functioning shall be prepared and modified from time to time by the Managing Committee. It is expressly declared that proceedings before the Mediation Committee and/or its views are not intended to be and shall not be construed as arbitration or conciliation under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and/or as any judicial and/or quasi judicial proceeding”.

From a mere perusal of the above Clause of the Code of Conduct, it is quite evident that the Mediation Committee is a non judicial body and any proceeding drawn up by the same shall be deemed to be of non judicial in nature. The intention of this Committee has always been to endeavour to resolve disputed matters through the process of mediation and reach an amicable settlement between the member developer/builder and the complainant.

It is pertinent to mention that CREDAI Bengal has been quite successful in facilitating amicable settlement of disputes between its member developers and their respective customers and/or purchasers. This initiative of CREDAI Bengal has not only won the trust of the general public but has also been well appreciated by the Consumer Affairs Dept, as this has led to substantial depreciation in the number of cases filed before the Consumer Forums.

The strict vigilance and routine follow ups on the transparency quotient of the member developers has also contributed significantly to the success ratio of the Mediation Committee.

Renovation and Restoration of The Nimtolla Burning Ghat

Inauguration of New Wing of Nimtala Crematorium

14th Jan 2015

14th Jan 2015

The newly constructed Wing at the Nimtala Ghat was inaugurated by Shri Mamata Banerjee, Hon'ble Chief Minister, West Bengal on 14th January 2015. The restoration and new wing were co-funded by the KMC - Govt. of WB, NGRBA - Govt. of India and CREDAI Bengal.

This joint endeavour contributed to the building of the all-new-modern unit of the historic and largest crematorium in North Kolkata, Nimtala Ghat Crematorium, bringing in much convenience to the citizens.

CREDAI Bengal members contributed close to INR 5 crore for the construction work towards the renovation and upgradation of the Burning Ghat.

The members who contributed are –

Contributions by CREDAI BENGAl Members Towards Nimtalla Burning Ghat


South City Projects

Ambuja Realty

Ideal Real Estate Pvt Ltd

Infinity Infotech Parks Ltd

Forum Projects

Belani Housing Dev Ltd.

Mani Group

Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd

R S Kedia Foundation

Sanjeevani Estates Pvt Ltd

Rungta Group

Merlin Projects Ltd

Regent Hi Rise Ltd

Patcorp Constructions Pvt Ltd

Bengal Nri Complex Ltd

Orbit Projects Ltd

Jain Space Infraventure Ltd

Gillanders Properties Ltd

Bengal Shelter Housing Dev Ltd

Creative Hortifarms Ltd

This new facility has ushered in convenience to the city’s population by way of developing crucial infrastructure of eight new electric furnaces, a waiting and praying/meditating area, anti pollution devices, toilet facilities and chimneys. From three fully electric pyres, the crematorium now has been converted into an eleven electric pyre crematoria. A two storey building built right beside the Hooghly River will accommodate these eight new electric pyres. On the top floor of the structure, a huge 3000 square feet area has been reserved for the bereaved family members to take rest or pray for the departed soul. The KMC health department has also planned to install eight electric pyres to take the additional load from the north and central localities of Kolkata.

On the occasion, the Hon’ble Chief Minister praised the KMC for upgrading the facilities of such a crucial public utility project, and also acknowledged CREDAI Bengal’s initiative in spending its CSR funds on a noble project such as this.

On the occasion were present many leading developers affiliated to CREDAI Bengal and who had contributed towards the project, including Mr Pradeep Sureka, past president, CREDAI Bengal, during who’s tenure, the dialogue with the KMC had been initiated for the upgradation and the donations made.

Mr. Sushil Mohta, President CREDAI Bengal said, “At CREDAI Bengal we always focus on developing the right social infrastructure to usher in much needed convenience to the city’s population. Be it a residential project, a retail hub or innovative office spaces, CREDAI has been instrumental in shaping these segments. Thus it has been a natural progression for the association to support the Kolkata Municipal Corporation in a noble deed of modernizing Nimtala Ghat crematorium. The mood at crematoriums is sombre, thus we, in our own humble way wanted to offer the bereaved family members some solace in the proper ambience. We sincerely hope that this new modernised facility will possibly offer some comfort to their hearts.”

The crematorium at Nimtala Ghat has a rich history and has bid adieu to the mortal remains of Rabindranath Tagore, Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar, Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay, Maharshi Debendranath Tagore, Kaliprasanna Singha, Pyarichand Mitra, Dwijendralal Roy, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy, Sukumar Ray, Manik Bandyopadhyay and Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay besides several other luminaries from Bengal.

Skill Development Programme

Project Kushal : A pledge for the upliftment of the construction labourers

Kushal is a partnership project between CREDAI Pune and the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to upgrade skills of construction workers in Pune city. And now CREDAI Bengal has tied hands with Project Kushal to implement this unique on-site training to the construction workers to empower them both socially and economically. Project Kushal and CREDAI Bengal have entered into a partnership to improve the skills of the construction workforce by training the existing unskilled/semi-skilled workers in the 6 trades of bar-bending, shuttering, masonry, tiling, plumbing and painting. The pilot project will soon be rolled out in Kolkata.

Shortage of construction labour had created a tremendous influx of under-qualified / un- skilled workers into the industry. Moreover, absence of formal training system had resulted in workers taking a long time to acquire skills, which in turn had kept their wages at a menial low. This had also adversely affected the industry by way of sub-standard quality, material wastage, cost increase, inability to meet time deadlines and unhappy customers.

Through project Kushal, a serious attempt has been made to empower construction workers to hone their existing skills on to a higher level and thus help them command higher wages. This beside, efforts through Kushal also helps the construction industry to have in required number the skilled workers resulting in better construction quality and reduced on-site material wastages

The mission of Kushal is ‘to effectively train and enhance skills of 100,000 construction workers over a period of 10 years.

Kushal works on the following objectives:

To train 20,000 construction workers in Pune city, over a period of 3 years, with the aim of improving their quality, productivity of work and soft skills, resulting in higher wages and better lifestyle.

To impart on the job training at construction sites through a professional team comprising of experienced Trainers, Master trainers, and Industry and domain experts.

To form a career path for construction workers by upgrading their skills, approach, and knowledge base.

To improve quality of construction and reduce wastage of materialat the developers’ sites.

Kushal offers skill enhancement programs in the following construction industry related trades: Bar-bending, Masonry, Painting, Plumbing, Shuttering and Tiling.