Youth Wing

Youth Wing

The CREDAI Bengal Youth Wing is the state entity of the CREDAI National Youth Wing. It :

  • Grooms and fosters a stronger bonding within the next generation of real estate developers
  • Provides leadership opportunities to the young below 40 members
  • Involves younger members in building the Association
  • Shares the responsibilities with the senior members
  • Lends a fresh line of thought to existing mandates

Credai Bengal Youth Wing

Harsh Jain

Zonal Coordinator East

Rohit Singhania

State Coordinator

Youth Wing Core Committee Members

Aayushman Jain

Anant Bhagat

Anirudh Modi

Arihant Parakh

Rachit Sanghvi

Rahul Kyal

Rajat Pasari

Rishabh Singhania

Rohit Khaitan

Shrey Agarwal

Suhel Saraf

Coming soon